Emeritus Faculty

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Scientist: Steven C. Cramer, M.D.

Dr. Steven C. Cramer

Professor and Vice Chair of Research:



Anatomy & Neurobiology

Clinical Director:

Sue & Bill Gross Stem Cell Research Center

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Research Focus

Working to understand: stroke, spinal cord injury, and a host of other forms of CNS injury.

Scientific Focus: mapping and treating neurorecovery in humans


Selected Publications

Cramer SC, Abila B, Scott NE, Simeoni M, Enney LA; on behalf of the MAG111539 Study Investigators.
Safety, Pharmacokinetics, and Pharmacodynamics of Escalating Repeat Doses of GSK249320 in Patients With Stroke.
2013 Mar 12.

Stewart JC, Cramer SC.
Patient-Reported Measures Provide Unique Insights Into Motor Function After Stroke.
Stroke. 2013 (in press).

Mousavi Hondori H, Khademi M, Dodakian L, Cramer SC, Lopes CV.
A spatial augmented reality rehab system for post-stroke hand rehabilitation.
Stud Health Technol Inform.

Burke E, Cramer SC.
Biomarkers and predictors of restorative therapy effects after stroke.
Curr Neurol Neurosci Rep.

Do AH, Wang PT, King CE, Schombs A, Cramer SC,Nenadic Z.
Brain-computer interface controlled functional electrical stimulation device for foot drop due to stroke.
Conf Proc IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2012:6414-6417.

Reinkensmeyer DJ, Wolbrecht ET, Chan V, Chou C, Cramer SC, Bobrow JE.
Comparison of three-dimensional, assist-as-needed robotic arm/hand movement training provided with Pneu-WREX to conventional tabletop therapy after chronic stroke.
Am J Phys Med Rehabil.
2012;91(11 Suppl 3):S232-41.

Cramer SC, Stradling D, Brown DM, Carrillo-Nunez IM, Ciabarra A, Cummings M, Dauben R, Lombardi DL, Patel N, Traynor EN, Waldman S, Miller K, Stratton SJ.
Organization of a United States County System for Comprehensive Acute Stroke Care.
2012; 43:1089-1093.

Cramer SC, Procaccio V.
Correlation between genetic polymorphisms and stroke recovery. Analysis of the GAIN Americas and GAIN International Studies.
Eur J Neurology.
2012; 19:718-724.

Nouri S, Cramer SC.
Anatomy and physiology predict response to motor cortex stimulation post-stroke. Neurology 2011; 77:1076-1083.

Cramer SC, Sur M, Dobkin BH, O'Brien C, Sanger TD, Trojanowski JQ, Rumsey JM, Hicks R, Cameron J, Chen D, Chen WG, Cohen LG, Decharms C, Duffy CJ, Eden GF, Fetz EE, Filart R, Freund M, Grant SJ, Haber S, Kalivas PW, Kolb B, Kramer AF, Lynch M, Mayberg HS, McQuillen PS, Nitkin R, Pascual-Leone A, Reuter-Lorenz P, Schiff N, Sharma A, Shekim L, Stryker M, Sullivan EV, Vinogradov S.
Harnessing neuroplasticity for clinical applications.
Brain. 2011;134:1591-609.

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UCI Medical Center,
101 The City Drive South,
Building 53, Room 203,
Orange, CA 92868-4280

The Lab

Jill Stewart
Postdoctoral Fellow
Erin Burke
Graduate Student
Jennifer Wu
Graduate Student

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