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Scientists: Kei Igarashi, Ph.D.

Dr. Kei Igarashi and lab

Assistant Professor:

Anatomy & Neurobiology

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Research Focus

Working to understand:circuit mechanisms underlying sensory perception and memory, dysfunction of perception and memory.

Scientific Focus:circuit analysis of olfaction and hippocampal circuits using electrophysiological and anatomical techniques.


Topography of Place Maps along the CA3-to-CA2 Axis of the Hippocampus.
Lu L, Igarashi KM, Witter MP, Moser EI, Moser MB.
Neuron. 87:1078-92 (2015)

Coordination of entorhinal-hippocampal ensemble activity during associative learning.
Igarashi KM*, Lu L, Colgin LL, Moser MB, Moser EI* (*Co-corresponding authors)
Nature. 510: 143-7 (2014)
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Brain Rhythms: Towards a Coherent Picture of Ensemble Development in Learning.
Rangel LM, Eichenbaum H.  Curr Biol. 24:R620-1 (2014)

Parallel mitral and tufted cell pathways route distinct odor information to different targets in the olfactory cortex.
Igarashi KM*, Ieki N, An M, Yamaguchi Y, Nagayama S, Kobayakawa K, Kobayakawa R, Tanifuji M, Sakano H, Chen WR, Mori K*  (*Co-corresponding authors)  
Journal of Neuroscience. 32:7970-85 (2012)

Genetic visualization of the secondary olfactory pathway in Tbx21 transgenic mice.
Mitsui S, Igarashi KM, Mori K and Yoshihara Y   
Neural Systems & Circuits. 1:5 (2011)

Two highly homologous mouse odorant receptors encoded by tandemly-linked MOR29A and MOR29B genes respond differently to phenyl ethers.
Tsuboi A, Imai T, Kato HK, Matsumoto H, Igarashi KM, Suzuki M, Mori K, Sakano H.
European Journal of Neuroscience. 33:205-13 (2011)

Differential axonal projection of mitral and tufted cells in the mouse main olfactory system.
Nagayama S, Enerva A, Fletcher ML, Masurkar AV, Igarashi KM, Mori K, Chen WR.
Frontiers in Neural Circuits. 4. Pii120 (2010)

Spatial representation of hydrocarbon odorants in the ventrolateral zones of the rat olfactory bulb.
Igarashi KM, Mori K.      
Journal of Neurophysiology. 93:1007-1019 (2005)

Review articles

Entorhinal map of space
Igarashi KM* (*Corresponding author)
Brain Research, In press

Plasticity in oscillatory coupling between hippocampus and cortex
Igarashi KM* (*Corresponding author)
Curr Opin Neurobiol. 35:163-168 (2015)

Functional diversity along the transverse axis of hippocampal area CA1.
Igarashi KM*, Ito HT, Moser EI, Moser, M-B. (*Corresponding author)
FEBS Lett. 588:2470-2476 (2014)

Dendrodendritic synapses and functional compartmentalization in the olfactory bulb.
Mori K, Matsumoto H, Tsuno Y, Igarashi KM.      
Ann N Y Acad Sci. 1070:255-258 (2009)

Maps of odorant molecular features in the Mammalian olfactory bulb.
Mori K, Takahashi YK, Igarashi KM, Yamaguchi M.     
Physiol Rev.86:409-433 (2006)

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